Matters of the heart: I love my baby daddy but I’m about to marry another

I have heard it countless times that it pays to marry a man who loves you more than you love him. Some go as far as saying, you could even marry a man who loves you even if you don’t love him, “the love will grow” they said.

But I’m here right now shedding rivers of tears even as I have made the decision to marry this man who simply adores me! Its more than love, what he feels for me, he practically dotes on me and worships the ground I walk on.

I don’t love him.

My name is Linda, a single mother of one and even though my son’s father left me to marry another, I have not stopped loving him.

As fate would have it, he never stopped loving me either but he is already bound by law and Church to another. We have remained friends albeit an unsexual relationship.

Yet I have peace because I love him with all my heart…then came this man…whom I met by fate.

He fell in love with me and he’s been more than wonderful. A man who knows and fears the Lord, who has no problem with my past, who truly wants to spend life with me.

Everyone thinks I’d be crazy to say ‘No’ to a love this pure…but as much as I like him and appreciate all he does, I have not fallen for him. My heart is with my baby daddy!

Now, David, that’s his name, has proposed to me…with words I never though I’d hear again! It was so sincere and beautiful but I only wept and gave him no response!

I’m torn…

I know I’m crazy for holding on to a fruitless love but I can’t help it!

Do you believe I could grow to love David if I said ‘yes’ and married him! I really want to be in a marriage that has love as its basic ingredient!

Thank you.