Matters of the heart: My late fiance’s mother wants something I’m afraid to give! Please read!

My heart is heavy as I narrate this tale, I am sad, broken and totally confused.

My name is Ayo, I met Ayo, (Yes Ayo) exactly six years ago and our relationship was the only thing that kept me going especially after I lost my mother two years ago. I never met my father, he died before I was born.

Ayo made me forget about my pains, took me as not just his girlfriend but as his daughter, sister and soulmate.

We hardly fought, of course there were disagreements but I always considered myself lucky, Ayo never got tired of apologizing to me, he was my angel until the cold hands of death snatched him away last month!

My joy was cut short in a fatal accident when we were already talking marriage, when his ring was already dazzling on my finger, when I thought my life was about to be more colorful.

If tears could bring him back, he would be alive today… I have cried, cursed, his mother, the poor woman with no other child is devastated!

then something happened to me, after the burial, I decided to stay with Ayo’s mother for a while… that night she called me and said “Ayomide, is there a chance you could be pregnant?” My heart skipped as I had never thought about that, why would I be pregnant.

“No ma, I am not pregnant” I told her and she began to cry, I joined her and we cried. “Please Ayo, if you ever find out you are pregnant, please do me a favor, keep it, don’t let my life end without a purpose” she said and planted the seed of fear in my heart.

A day later it dawned on me that I had not seen my period. Long story short, I am pregnant. I don’t know what to do. I loved Ayo so much, still love him, will always do, but I’m scared of keeping the pregnancy… I think an abortion would save me a lot of stress but it would also kill Ayo’s mom.

It’s been a month since i found out, I have not decided… Please help me! I wish my love did not die!