Matters of the heart: Must you marry within a year of proposing, my girlfriend is driving me nuts!

Hello readers,

Please I want to ask all the mature people here if there is a rule that says you must walk the aisle within a year of proposing to your girlfriend?

What if you are not ready for the big one but only engaged her to give her an assurance that you love her and want to spend your life with her eventually?

My girlfriend and I got engaged 14 months ago after a thorough thought… I had given it all the necessary thoughts and realized I would rather spend my life with her. I made the move and proposed to her, she said yes.

I remember advising her to keep our engagement off the social media until the real thing is by the corner…but she couldn’t keep it to herself, in no  time, her ring finger made it to all her social media platforms with serious captions and overflowing emojis!

Now  her family and friends are on her neck and I am bearing the brunt!

The truth is; I am not ready, I still have things to put in place for our good! She doesn’t understanding and she’s threatening to return my ring!

Should I let her cajole me into the ceremony or call her bluff? In fact, she’s becoming something else and driving herself crazy with worry!

Please advice a brother, was it an error to have given her the ring?