Meet ‘Passion Dolly’, the robot sex doll making hundreds of men leave home for some good sex

Following the increasing demands for robots in some part of the world, an Irish brothel has claimed that they are now welcoming over hundreds of new customers after they began renting it out.

Interest in the robot sex doll has been so great that its Eastern European owners now plan to expand their business, the Irish Mirror reports.

Passion Dolly is being rented out by European sex workers. She costs £80 an hour or £40 for a half hour

The unnamed entrepreneurs said: “We have had her about a month and have had dozens of visitors, mostly Irish men and ranging in all ages.

“My idea is to expand the business to other cities and countries.

“We need more staff, but we’ll get there, step by step.”

The sex doll has silicone boobs and a metal skeleton so punters can twist her body into any position they fancy

Looks a bit like a Barbie doll, the blonde android has massive boobs, an hourglass figure and eerily lifelike facial features fixed into a sexy pout.

Described as “Ireland’s most realistic sex doll”, Passion Dolly arrived at the Dublin brothel two months ago and dozens of punters have already had their way with her.

Dolly has been touted as the most sophisticated sex doll in Ireland

When customers arrive they will find Dolly – who you can rent for £80 an hour or £40 per half hour – lying on a bed in a dimly lit room.

Condoms and tissues are also provided.

We just hope they cleanse it regularly.

With that said, if Passion Dolly was to make its way to Nigeria, will you be paying N30,000 to have sex with her?