Revealed! How ex-Cameroon superstar, Rigobert Song, cheated death

Rigobert Song
Sick and healthy Song

The football world was thrown into sadness when it was reported in October 2016 that former Cameroon international, Rigobert Song, was between life and death.

In his days, Song was so strong that one would think that he could never fall ill for a day. But he was struck by a serious brain aneurysm, which nearly took his life. The former Liverpool star had to spend two days in coma

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Rigobert Song has reflected on the ugly experience, saying “If he had he passed on, God would have been in trouble.”

Song in hospital

According to him, people’s prayer from all over the world was crucial in saving his life.

“It was a difficult situation. But now I am living in the present, I don’t live in the past. What is important is that I’m in good health, I’m ok,” he told BBC World Football.

“I did not know what was happening to me. I was totally innocent. I did not even know I was fighting between life and death.

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“But when I came back [out of the coma] that was when I had echoes of what really happened.

“That was when I started understanding that there were people really behind me. Everyone wanted to know what was happening.

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“All those people, they put God in trouble. Because everyone in this situation, they were praying – this is what I keep in my mind – God would have been in trouble!

“Everyone was praying, asking ‘God please don’t do that, don’t take Rigobert’. I say thank-you to everybody for making me come back. I’m coming back, I’m ready now, I’m fit and I’m enjoying my work.”