So sad, 21 Savage is not taking Amber Rose back!

The love story of 21 Savage and Amber Rose took a drastic turn yesterday as the model turned mogul took to her instagram page to profess an undying love for her ex boyfriend 21 Savage.

According to Amber in an emotional post on her page, she doesn’t care if the world calls her desperate for professing love even after the end of the affair, she is willing to bear the brunt but as far as she is concerned, she loves 21.Savage and will always do.

If we had expected a similar mushy message from the boyfriend, we got the disappointment of our lives after 21 Savage responded with what looked like a clap back. In his post, Savage had written “You cross me once, it’s fuck you for life” so sad, looks like there’s no reconciliation coming from this end!