Matters of the heart: My marriage is shaking… My husband or my God!

My name is Peace, and I must confess that right now I’m turn between love for my husband and love for my God.

I have been married for only three years and already I’m scared my marriage might not last except I make some compromises.

I dated Ebere for three years before we finally took the marriage step. Our courtship was beautiful and amazing, well, if you love the things of the world.

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But a year after our marriage, I met the Lord and I gave my life to him, I took a conscious decision to forsake all the old ways. The ceaseless parties, the unholy dressing, the alcohol and more.

I got this unexplainable peace immediately I parted ways with those things, but also got a different husband! My husband changed totally, he does not like the new me… The way I dress, the constant church services and my decision not to party with him anymore.

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I still dress smartly just not like I used to… He complains that my new faith has even affected our sexual life, according to him, I stopped all the thrills for the conventional. The truth is, I now find some sexual acts unholy and I discussed with him.

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He insists he wants the old me. The heavy dresser, the face painter, the unbeliever, the stay at home on Sundays, but I can’t be that old person for old things have passed away.

I keep praying for the salvation of his soul but my marriage is shaking.
How do I keep my faith and my marriage?
Help a sister please…